Mascarpone and Marmalade Ice Cream

Dom over at Belleau Kitchen has excelled himself this month as IMHO, the concept behind October’s Random Recipe challenge is possibly the best yet. Entitled “store cupboard finds,” the idea is to delve into the farthest reaches of your food cupboards and randomly select an ingredient long forgotten.

This challenge was made for me as my cupboards are, quite frankly, a disgrace and chock full of random half empty packets and jars that at one time served as ingredients for some dish or other. I think this must be a genetic trait as my mother’s cupboards were the same. It also doesn’t help that I am vertically challenged so anything stored above 5ft is particularly unchartered territory.

Delving in deep, I pulled out a near empty jar of marmalade that was bequeathed to me by my in-laws last Christmas. Goodness only knows why I kept it as (a) I don’t like marmalade and (b) there was barely enough left to cover a slice of toast. Immediately my thoughts turned to a rather lovely looking recipe for marmalade brownies that I remembered seeing in the pages of Hawksmoor at Home. Sadly, however, that recipe required much more marmalade than was left and to buy another jar would surely be contrary to the aims of the challenge.

So scratching around for a recipe that I could make with my meagre measure of marmalade, I decided on this mascarpone and marmalade ice-cream from BBC Good Food. As I was still a little lacking in ingredients, I made up the shortfall with a bit of candied orange that I had left over from my lovely little candied orange and lavender cupcakes.

Jeepers! I do wish I had tasted the marmalade beforehand as if I had done so, I would have realised that it was seriously bitter and kind of ruined what could have been a lovely ice-cream. Next time I would just make it with the candied orange and be done with it.

On the plus side, I decided to serve it with a Jamie Oliver chocolate fudge pudding I have had my eye on. Now I have had mixed results with Jamie O recipes but I have to give it to him, this one is rather pukka and a real find. It really is the quickest, easiest and pretty darn yummiest chocolate pudding recipe I have ever made. If you have a food processor, it takes 5 minutes prep tops. Whilst another time I would probably leave out the fudge, it could be adapted in so many ways. I think more of the candied orange would have worked really well or some brandy soaked raisins. Yum! Definitely a recipe for keeps.


  1. blimey… just clearing out my emails and found your to this link!… I can’t believe I missed it, must have been a busy day running around like a headless chicken… love the ice cream, but then I love marmalade in anything especially with all the chunks in there too… delicious!… thanks so much for entering and will try and create a better filing system!

  2. strongassoup

    It’s a long time since I made a marmalade ice cream (there seemed to be a lot of them around in the 1980s) – thanks for the reminder. It’s a shame that the marmalade was too bitter. I love that combination with the chocolate fudge pudding.

  3. I had a similar bitter marmalade situation recently – made some chocolate marmalade muffins without tasting the marmalade first and it was soooooo bitter – the ardent marmalade lovers amongst my friends still enjoyed them, but it was a bit to much for everyone else! This is a lovely idea though – looks beautiful and what a good excuse to make chocolate fudge pudding!

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