Chocolate Eton Mess with Hazelnut Meringue and Minted Raspberries

Chocolate Eton Mess with Hazelnut Meringue and Minted Rasperries via

I’m never one to turn down confectionary of any kind but I must admit that mint chocolate leaves me distinctly underwhelmed.

As a kid I always eschewed After Eights with their icky green fondant. I could just about be tempted with a crunchy Elizabeth Shaw or even a Matchstick. But in general, the combination of mint and chocolate is not for me.

Which is a little strange because I do like mint in other guises. Definitely with lamb, or sprinkled fresh in salads, or even a cup of fragrant mint tea. But mint and chocolate? I’ll pass, thank you very much.

So I struggled to find a dish to enter for this month’s We Should Cocoa mint-choc themed challenge (which is hosted by Chocolate Log Blog and A Kick At The Pantry Door.) But inspired by a recipe from L’atelier des Chefs, this chocolate eton mess with hazelnut meringue and minted raspberries is just the ticket.

A rich chocolate cream layered with fresh raspberries, chewy hazelnut meringue and fragrant mint leaves and drizzled with raspberry puree and chocolate ganache, this delicious pud is guaranteed to convert even the most ardent of mint-chocolate sceptics.

I am also entering this post into The One Ingredient Challenge (co-hosted by Nazima of Franglais Kitchen and Laura of How to Cook Good Food) as this month’s chosen ingredient is raspberries.

Chocolate Eton Mess with Hazelnut Meringue and Minted Raspberries

Chocolate Eton Mess with Hazelnut Meringue and Minted Raspberries via http://underthebluegumtree.comServes 4

  • 200g fresh raspberries
  • 2 tbsp chopped fresh mint
  • 75g caster sugar
  • 1 egg white (from a large egg)
  • 15g hazelnuts, toasted and finely ground
  • 500ml double cream
  • 100g dark chocolate, chopped

1.  Preheat the oven to 150C/130C fan. Line a baking sheet with baking paper. Mix 50g of the raspberries with 1tbsp of the mint and 25g of the sugar and set aside to macerate.

2.  To make the meringue, whisk the egg white until soft peaks form. Gradually add the remaining 50g of caster sugar, whisking all the time until glossy and stiff peaks form. Fold the ground hazelnuts through the meringue then pipe or dollop teaspoonfuls of meringue onto the lined baking sheet. You are looking to make about 12 small meringues. Bake for 20 minutes.

3.  To make the ganache, bring 50ml of the cream to a boil and pour over the chopped dark chocolate. Stir until the chocolate has melted and the mixture is smooth and glossy. Whip 250ml of the remaining cream to soft peaks and fold in half of the chocolate ganache.

4.  Whip the remaining 200ml of cream to soft peaks and set aside. Pass the macerated raspberries through a fine sieve to make a raspberry puree.

5.  To assemble, spoon a little of the chocolate cream into the bottom of each glass, then top with a layer of broken meringue, a spoonful of fresh raspberries and a little chopped mint. Drizzle with a little of the remaining ganache and some of the raspberry puree. Repeat the layering process and finish with a dollop of whipped cream, garnishing with fresh raspberries and whole mint leaves.


  1. amyjonesuk

    I’m crazy about mint and strawberry, so I wonder why it’s never occurred to me to try mint and raspberry?

    Also, I LOVE the green fondant in an After Eight! I bite a hole in the chocolate and squeeze all the insides out. Yum.

  2. I’m the complete opposite to you – I only eat mint with chocolate and in my mojitos. Can’t bear mint sauce. Mint and raspberries sounds intriguing though.

  3. This looks fabulous and so creative! I love how you were able to find a dessert using chocolate and mint even though it’s not your favorite combination. The hazelnut meringues with ganache and raspberries sound amazing together! Yum!

  4. ohlidia

    I was recently introduced to the Eton Mess by a friend who spent 20 years in England and I loved it! This one looks so fresh and summery… a definite must-try!

  5. Ooooh, that sounds like a little dish of heaven. I love nutty meringues and Eton mess. Chocolate and mint is a funny one, I only like it but if I’m in the mood, which doesn’t happen very often.

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